Smaller Swipebucket icons

Update on 5 Aug 2021: Swipebucket fixed this on their end. This article is no longer necessary. — I recently purchased Swipebucket (1 code) from Appsumo and like it. Swipebucket provides a Chrome extension which adds icons on Facebook posts and YouTube videos so they can be swiped or saved with a few clicks. It…

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Search for a VPS

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on servers and server admin stuff. YMMV. I’ve purchased GridPane Dev plan LTD almost 2 years ago but did not begin to use it regularly until recently when I started working there. Now that I have had an inside look I am beginning to appreciate how much effort goes…

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My Favorite Mac Apps

What makes Macs great for me mainly is the rich and deep ecosystem of third-party apps that are beautiful and functional. In this post I am going to share the list of apps I use on my Mac computers. Some of these are also available for Windows. Most of the following are in Setapp, a…

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My Safari Set Up

I am a big fan of single key shortcuts (originally introduced by Opera when it was at its peak before they had a brain freeze and messed it up with ads inside the browser) and in this post, I am going to share how I set them and more using Vimari, Keyboard Maestro, BetterTouchTool (available…

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Center Google Search Results

I am currently using a 4K 27″ LG monitor with display resolution set to 2048 x 1152. Google search results page seems to be annoyingly stuck in 90s with the search results floating to the left and this is especially noticeable on larger screens. There is a Chrome extension called Center Google Search Results. While…

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Walking vs Running

Which do you think would be better for fat loss? You’d think running, but the answer is walking! Here’s why: If you do not have time/patience to watch the video in full, skip to 26:30. And if you do watch the full video, you may want to change the playback speed to 1.5. I am…

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