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Custom Shortcuts in Craft using Alfred

Posted on February 14, 2023 | 4 comments

Craft is a smooth, beautiful, and well-thought-out note-taking/knowledge-management app.

Here’s how I’ve set up shortcuts/workflows for

  • opening Craft’s daily note using Alfred.
  • quick entry into Craft’s daily note (at the end) using Alfred or via the keyboard shortcut, ⌘⇧L (L for log).
  • passing a search input term to Craft from Alfred.
  • creating a new titled document via Alfred.

from anywhere on the Mac – even when Craft is not active.

Table of Contents

Go to Daily Note

To quickly go to today’s daily note I bring up Alfred using ⌘␣ and type dn (for “daily note”) or tn (for “today note”) or begin typing today and hit ↵.

First, created this Shortcut:

Then created a custom workflow in Alfred like this:

Download Workflow.

Here’s Craft’s icon if you are looking to drag it into your Alfred web searches/workflows.

Quick Entry in Daily Note

in Alfred: log or add or adn or append

keyboard shortcut: ⌘ ⇧ L (L for Log)

To submit, ⌘ ↵.

First, a Shortcut:

Alfred workflow:

Download Workflow.

Search in Craft

To search in Craft, I bring up Alfred and type ns <query> or sn <query> and hit ↵.

It brings Craft to focus, passes the inputted query and shows the results dialog like this:

These are set up in Alfred at Settings → Features → Web Search.

Search URL:


Replace 2371748b-q24b-4626-223f-4fe5863d22eb with your spaceID.

To get your space’s spaceID, right-click on any block → Copy As → Copy Deeplink. Paste the string in your clipboard in a text editor and grab the value after spaceId=.

Create New Document

To create a new document in Craft, I bring up Alfred and type nd <title> or new <title> and hit ↵.

I have these also set up as web searches.

Search URL:


Replace 2371748b-q24b-4626-223f-4fe5863d22eb with your spaceID.



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