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Quick Journal Logging in Obsidian using Alfred and Shortcuts

Posted on February 9, 2023 | 0 comments

I’ve recently been trying out PKM apps like Craft, Logseq and Obsidian.

In this article, I’ll share a few methods to quickly post a thought/update/note/log even when Obsidian is not the active app.

The workflow I use is to press ⌘+⇧+L (L for Log) to bring up a box in which I type what I just did or anything I want to record as a log for today and it goes under a “Log” header in Obsidian’s daily/today note with the current timestamp w/o Obsidian coming to the front (well, not technically speaking – we just hide Obsidian when it comes to the front).

Here’s how I set this up:

Step 1

Edit your daily note Obsidian template and ensure that there’s a Log heading.

Step 2

Install Advanced URI plugin in Obsidian and enable it.

Step 3

Import this shortcut using the Shortcuts app like this:

Replace Main with your vault name and Log with the heading text under which you want your log entries to go.

Step 4

Import this Alfred workflow and enable it.

That’s it.

It is also possible to type the log text in Alfred itself after the log keyword and hit return when done to add it as a bullet point under a specific heading in the daily (or a specified) note in the specified vault.

This does not need a Shortcut.

Import this workflow if you want this variation.

Here’s the composite URL if anyone’s interested:


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