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My Vimium C Config

Posted on December 6, 2023 | 0 comments

Vimium C is a fantastic browser extension that enables you to set custom keyboard shortcuts for navigating the internet.

I am a big fan of single keyboard shortcuts that were initially a part of the Opera browser during 2010s and still use most of them to this day in Google Chrome, thanks to Vimium C.

Keyboard shortcutFunction
cclose tab
topen new tab
zgo back
xgo forward
aprevious tab
snext tab
ucopy url
vview source
f4switch to the last active tab

My Vimium C custom key mappings:

map c removeTab
map z goBack
map x goForward
map a previousTab
map s nextTab
map v toggleViewSource
map u copyCurrentUrl
map yy copyCurrentUrl
map yt LinkHints.activateCopyLinkText
map <f4> visitPreviousTab
# map T Vomnibar.activateTabs tree currentWindow
# unmap o
# map o Vomnibar.activate :h

In addition to these custom ones, we can click (follow) links out of the box by pressing f and typing the identifiers.

To copy any link (in the visible part of the webpage) text, type yt (yank text) and type the identifier of the link whose text you want to copy.

My exclude URLs list:

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