Smaller Swipebucket icons

Update on 5 Aug 2021: Swipebucket fixed this on their end. This article is no longer necessary.

I recently purchased Swipebucket (1 code) from Appsumo and like it.

Swipebucket provides a Chrome extension which adds icons on Facebook posts and YouTube videos so they can be swiped or saved with a few clicks. It also has other useful features that you can read about from their official site.

One thing that could be improved is reducing the size of the Swipebucket icons in Facebook and YouTube. This is on their roadmap and might be fixed anytime but in the meantime it is possible to use extensions like Stylish to fix this ourselves on our computers by injecting custom CSS that overrides what Swipebucket’s Chrome extension adds.







Here’s how this can be done.

Step 1

Install Stylish extension in Chrome on your desktop.

Step 2

With Facebook or YouTube open in Chrome, click the Stylish extension’s icon in Chrome toolbar.

Under “Write style for” click on facebook.com or youtube.com.

Paste this code:

div[role="article"] .aminur2parse {
	top: 11px !important;

.aminur2parse img,
.aminur2select img,
ytd-video-primary-info-renderer .aminur2parse img {
	height: 26px !important;

Click + and add the other domain.

Change the style name to Swipebucket.

Click Save.

Refer to this screenshot:

That’s it!

Check any post in Facebook or video page on YouTube and you should now see smaller Swipebucket icons. Stylish’s CSS tab can now be closed.

You can disable this style and delete when Swipebucket does this update from their end.

Update 1

You may also want to add

article .aminur2parse img {
    max-width: 30px;

to make the Swipebucket icons in Twitter smaller.

You can either add this in the same style and add twitter.com to the domains it should apply to or create a new style.


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